Hardly AKB48, but still my favourite pic evah!

Why hello there! You seem to have stumbled upon my tiny little blog here. Probably you are already looking for the ‘Go back one page’ button, eh? Well, wait a moment will ya’, then I might just get you hooked. I don’t promise anything like E, Angel Dust, acid, snow or whatnot – if you’re cute I could offer a roofie though – but hell, you might just enjoy the experience a little, who knows?

So, what in the blue moon is this blog about? Well, nothing in particular, I’ve never been good with structuring anything. At the moment I am studying in Japan, learning Japanese, have a dream of becoming author. Be sure to find these as recurring themes.

Categories are shown at the top, and Recent Posts and Archive widgets at the bottom. I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I do writing it.