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This time around it has reaaally been a while, huh?

Truth be told, as much as I enjoy writing here, keeping a blog about my travels in Japan seems kinda pointless when you are frantically trying to finish a Master Thesis, and uhm, not actually doing much traveling! Nor are crazy weekends touring hostess clubs and the like exactly the norm. Make no mistake though, there are plenty of hostess clubs, the nearest one I know of some ten minutes by bike. Fortunately, my intense dislike for anything resembling prostitution keeps me far far away.

I seriously can’t write a single paragraph and not be sidetracked!? Well, thank your God that this is my blog, and we follow my rules! You will know what they are in due time, muhahaha *finger pyramid of evil contemplation*

Long story short – finally getting a freaking internet connection at home brought the matter to a point. I decided to stop thinking about it as a travelling blog, but more like a diary of sorts – a place for me to rant on and on about whatever I feel like. It will basically be like listening to a monologue of my thoughts! Yeah, probably that does sound pretty sucky, but you know; you can stop reading, I can’t stop thinking!

I’ll promise a few posts a week, and hope somehow a glimpse into my mind will give you some sort of (sadistic?) satisfaction. Throw a comment if it pleases – it might seem like a monologue, but your opinion will be gracefully acknowledge, considered, and discarded at whim. Life is tough – get over it. 🙂


First post!

But hardly first arrival…

I have been in Japan for almost two weeks now, and it is about time that I write about first impressions – so, let’s get on with it!

In all honesty, I was quite reprehensive about leaving good ol’ Denmark for such a length of time, and in some aspects felt that I had unfinished business back home. Even though these concerns weighed somewhat heavily on my mind the decision to go to Japan had been made long ago – at least that was what I told myself, for no other reason that this kind of thinking always works for me.

The trip over here was horrible, but that shouldn’t surprise anybody that has spent any length of time on an airplane. Brooding in an airplane for twelve hours hardly improved my mood you can imagine. Though, just by getting into the train and seeing the beautiful scenery kindled my rudimentary adventurous spirit, and since that moment, everything has been fine. Really, it has.

Mountains mountains everywhere!

My general impression of life in Japan is quite good, more so that I imagined. Everybody is really nice to me, but in different ways. I expected to be met almost exclusively with the distant politeness with a sprinkle of fear that the Japanese are famous for. This certainly is the most common response to me, but I have also met heartfelt acceptance; sincere respect; and general willingness to surpass cultural, language, and age barriers. The immediate motive of Japanese people for contacting me always seems to be a desire to improve their English, but when they realise that I can speak conversational Japanese, and have a working knowledge of the culture – and perhaps more importantly a desire to learn – quite a few let down their guard. By the numbers it is not a frequent occurence, but is truly humbling when it does.

Well, now that the sentimental part is done with, we can get down to business. I will be posting about whatever I feel like; like trips, friends, Japanese culture or whatever. Stay tuned for more Tales of Interest!