Thought I would post a random update on what has being going on in my life lately. Well, “lately” is a relative term; I actually wrote this over a week ago, but internet and free time has been scarce. Yeah, whatever, enjoy! :p

Last weekend I visited the ever adorable Mana-chan in Tokyo. We went shopping, to a bar, and then to a museum – the Maruyama Okyo exhibit we saw almost made me cry out of sheer delight – but generally just hung out. Ahhh, it was so great to see my adoptive sister again! It really made me miss my friends and family back home.

Happy Hour @ HUB

Then this Thursday Prof. Yue arrived in Japan, entailing a great deal of more or less formal meetings, lectures, and dinners. Generally little of interest can be said in this regard; but the food was awesome! I have come to be a big fan of free expensive dinner – but then again, who isn’t?

Okami-san, don't be shy with the matsutake now, me be hungry!

Saturday was by the least formal by the way of Kyoto excursion. The route went by Nijo castle (built by Tokugawa Ieyasu in early Edo-period,) then what would have been a very short stop at the Golden Pavillion if not for the crowds of people invading there. I passed the time discussing short skirts and whatnot with Kawaguchi-san. The general consensus was enthusiastic approval, and heartfelt thanks for suffering the autumn cold in the name of fashion. Thank you Japanese high school girls!

High school students on a graduation trip at Nijo castle - if you were wondering. After this picture was taken, I overheard them calling me "ikemen," they realised a few seconds later that I actually speak Japanese... Oh, fun times! ^_^

Real gold; about 20kg of it if you would believe the guide.

Last we went to Toei Studio Park – a reconstructed Edo-period village used for period TV drama and movies. There were like maiko, and samurai, and ninja, and a haunted house, and… Hey! This is a theme park for kids! There was a ninja stage act that was absolutely hilarious, and coupled with over the top acrobatics, who could not ❤ it!? Well, for one, Prof. Yue I’m afraid; it turned out to be a very short visit per his request. But I wanted to go to the haunted house and bumber cars… 😥

Freakin' ninjas yo'! I have movies; will probs throw them up on facebook at some point.

Oh, by the way; long time no posting. The reason is not such much that I have been busy, more that I decided to spend more time on Japanese study, in case you were wondering.

Then later reevaluated that decision, and am now spending more time doing random fun stuff. Yay laziness! :p

Hope you enjoyed the picturegasm. I know I did… 😉