I’m back in Japan baby! First, allow me to complain a bit about the plane trip. So, we start out with some two hours delay in Copenhagen due to the snow, yay! Could be worse though, two hours delay in Aalborg would have meant missing the plane in Copenhagen (unless it was, well, two hours delayed) the consequences of which immediately seem way too expensive to consider in depth, so let’s move on! The entertainment system was out of order for about half the flight, but that’s okay, because the screen was broken in my seat anyway, and the plane was fully booked. So, 12 hours in a tiny seat and I couldn’t even play tetris… But hey, whatever, I got some reading done, and when too tired to read anymore (being when I usually watch movies) I took Mr. Carlsberg and Mr. Pear Cognac (eh?) to aid and tried to get some sleep in. It worked like a charm, fell asleep some five times! The only problem being that my labia-shaped neck pillow had punctured, so every time I fell asleep my head would fall down, and voila; back to the land of the living! /end rant

From the left: Mana, Johan, the almighty me, and Felice.

After futilely deciding never to board an aircraft again, I met up with the ever lovely Mana-chan, her fiancé Johan, and an American named Felice in Shinjuku. We went to a gothic themed restaurant and ordered all-you-can-drink. Weird bar, good friends, cheap booze, and cute Japanese girls – Denmark was really great guys, but Japan can be fucking awesome too! :p

I was taking it easy on the drinks on account of not feeling too good (more on this on later!) but Johan was hammering back straight whisky like there was no tomorrow (note: the day after we we’re going to Disneyland) and Mana had no scruples ordering him doubles and telling him to drink up… Yeah, I tried to warn her (maybe, I forgot :p) but she wouldn’t listen, so before long Johan was leaning on my shoulder and telling me to “stay away from Mana you… or…” never did catch the rest, if there was anything – I mean, the guy probably weighs less than me. ME!!!

Disregarding the drunken Swede, we went to karaoke! I was drunk enough to sing, but not so much as to have any illusions of grandeur in regards to my abilities. Still, it was a lot of fun! I have this video you just have to see, if my crappy connection allows for the upload… Which it did! Watch it here! :p

We made the check-in time at the hotel in Chiba only a little late, and they did allow Johan in too (I told him to act sober, and he started incessantly apologising in shaky Japanese,) so that wasn’t much of a problem. Getting there however was. On the train the only available seat was between a school girl and a business man. We kinda had no choice but to put Johan there, him obviously not being able to stand, even though it was kinda mean to the others. I mean, somehow he had ended up with a bloody nose, and really did look like he could puke at any given moment, and he kept trying to sleep on the shoulder of either one or the other of his neighbours. They were really cool about though; the business man asked me if we couldn’t get him out to rest, but when I told him he were really pressed to make the check-in, it was okay. And the school girl said that it was okay to let him sleep on her shoulder, even though she was doing her freaking homework at the same time! I seriously considered asking for her number. Who wouldn’t want a girlfriend that takes care of you when drunk beyond measure!? xD

Is he smiling? xD

The hotel was really nice, you could even see mount Fuji from the restaurant! Having spent half the night greeting that guy Ulrik in the bathroom, I didn’t enjoy it much though. Seems I caught some kind of flu in Denmark, still feeling like crap when writing this. You might imagine that our trip to Disneyland wasn’t great, me being sick, Johan being seriously hungover (he was drinking whisky, remember) and Mana being rather pissed about last nights episode, especially since Johan had lost his bag containing his passport and other stuff. Alas, you would be wrong, it was sooo much fun! The place seems really similar to the one in Paris that I visited as a kid, and several attractions were closed (including the haunted house and Space Mountain) but we had a great time – well, at the very least I did. :p

Yeah, I don't know what the hell is going on either to be honest... :p

A few days after arriving in Shiga my friends at the university threw me a party too! I was kinda surprised actually, was expecting that we would just go bowling and maybe have a few beers at dinner. Come to think of it, we did go bowling… Well, I had my favourite Japanese food, okonomiyaki! Then we drank at the university, and there was cake, birthday song, and even a present; a big sake jug with tab! How the hell will I get that home? xD

It says "Happy Birthday Christian" in Japanese. And I must say, the Japanese sure know how to make french cakes! 😀

Well, that’s all my birthday parties so far. I also have tentatively plans to go to karaoke with some friends from my Japanese class when I stop coughing all the time though.


PS: Johan, sorry man. Don’t shoot the messenger! :p