Oh your God that sounds so gay! Fortunately, nothing is gay in Japan*, even frolicking in the breezy Spring weather looking and taking pictures of pink flowers. Even so, I had doubts, but a friend, Hosoi, kindly accompanied me, and in the end it wasn’t too fruity after all.

White cherry blossoms at the Silver Pavilion

Philosopher's Path with Daimoji (大文字: lit. "large character") in the background.

We went to the famous Philosopher’s Path (哲学の道) in Kyoto and walked to the Silver Pavilion, which incidentically has an absolutely gorgeous Japanese garden attached to it, well worth a visit. But don’t take my word for it; peruse the pictures at your leisure.

Cherry Blossoms at Heian Shrine Park

Hanging Cherry Blossom at Heian Shrine Park

Since I had never been to the nearby Heian shrine either, we went there also. I pulled a ”small blessing” fortune, the third best!

Now, I don’t believe in this crap, but actually did have a cute girl chasing me down for my e-mail later that evening, so judge for yourself. Anyway, we took a stroll in the huge garden famous for its cherry blossoms, then headed to international party in Osaka.

Sakura Tree in front of Heian Shrine

Just wanted to share the pictures really, so probably best not to sully their beauty and purity with stories of excessive drinking and soliciting girls!**

Until next time,


*This reminds me of being asked what my father does for a living, and me answering that my mom is married to a woman. Predictably, this resulted in a mix of panic, embarrassment, and pity. “That’s okay, I can tell that you have a very nice family.” The Japanese cannot really be said to be bigots, but insensitive to minorities? You sure bet! :p

** Please tell me that you didn’t buy that one? I only had like five drinks and a tequila shot, like a gentleman (lol) should. You can’t really blame a guy for girls asking for HIS e-mail. Geez!