Germany inspires much ecstatic jumping.

Rasmus just couldn't resist the fusion of German sweets with Japanese cuteness.

I and the two friends above recently rented a car and undertook somewhat of a road trip to Germany! Now, perhaps a better picture to post above would have been one of us next to the car in which we drove nearly a thousand kilometers, alas I never thought of it. 😛

We first went by train to Hamburg, then rented the car there, a very nice KIA – appealing to my fondness of all things Korean. From there we drove directly to a small city, Klausthal, located in the mountains to the south of there. A university friend of ours, Rasmus, has been studying there for the past year, so reckoned a reunion was timely.

We started out just driving randomly through the mountains, enjoying the scenery and stopping at whatever interesting things that popped up: A waterfall, huge lake, national park, castle, and more! Just going for spontaneous sightseeing like that is a load of fun!

Then we also took a short trip to Berlin. It was surprising how clean and tidy the city was, considering both size and status of capital. Really a charming and interesting place, and I would recommend anyone to visit. and saw some of the major sites: Brandenburger Tor, museums, Charlottenburg, Berlin Zoo, and Checkpoint Charlie.

I can't believe its not urine!

On the way back to Hamburg we camped on the bank of the Elbe and just relaxed before an early departure the next morning.

Now, that might not seem like a lot of action for a week, but you forget that Germany is famous for its beer, which was amply sampled by all participants (maybe except Lars, the part-time alcoholic designated driver.) Our drunken adventures involved such shenanigans as ‘Silly Hat Day’, ‘Speed Drinking with Random Germans’ and visiting the infamous Das Klo in Berlin.

All in all a great trip with some great guys!

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Over and out.